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Comfort the Disturbed, Disturb the Comfortable

Comfort the Disturbed, Disturb the Comfortable

Kirby. 17 years old, writer, artist, music enthusiast. I listen to punk music and like punk-goth things. Follow my blog for dark punk grunge. May be triggering.
If you're a closet nerd like I am go follow my personal blog (Link below)
theonewhocantsleep asked: The plates are being stupid


when are they not

Anonymous asked: do u follow any hot ppl


Here is a current list of all my tumblr crushes:

spectredreflector (im too busy being impressed with their cosplays to be sexually frustrated tbh)

askthejohn-egbert (hes such a cutie but i think hes gay! *cries*)

astorianstigmata (idk how he found my blog but i followed back because damn son. also his blogs p cool)

teamfreekickass (youre literally too perfect to exist you should be illegal)

aurorinthetardis (may or may not be my ex oop)


bettiebathory (like dang shes just a hot hot tater tot)

danisnotonfire (if youre not following him what are you even doing on tumblr)

leahrayrotten (one of my first and shes still perfect :3)

and then there’s one more her url used to be gayestdisneyprincess but i think she changed it and i dont know the new one DX

dropdeaddivadeadpool-deactivate asked: I'm on mobile right now, and I'm playing flappy birds and every time you like or ten log one of my post I die because I keep getting distracted by banners :p